Areas of Interest
Areas of Interest

•    Machine learning (ML, with Scikit-learn, MLLib/ML, H2O), 

•    Deep learning (DL, with Keras, TensorFlow & Theano, Distributed TensorFlow),

•    Natural language processing (NLP, with NLTK and SpaCy),

•    Big Data (Hadoop (Hive, Pig, HBase, Mahout, Cassandra), (Py)Spark,

•    Predictive analytics,

•    Heuristic and Reinforcement learning,

•    Data mining, Process mining,

•    Database systems with Oracle, (Postgre, My) Sql, MS-Sql, SqLite 

•    Parallel database systems including Big Data with Impala and Teradata,

•    Cloud computing with Amazon Web Services (AWS), DataBricks & Azure,

•    Web design and development (including RestFul web services) with ASP.NET, Javascript (Node.js, Angular.js, jQuery, jQueryMobile, Bootstrap), Python (Django, Flask), PHP, Flash, Java (with JSF, GWT), and Ajax for native and/or mobile applications, use of PhoneGap,

•    Customer Relationship Management (CRM - with SAP),

•    Computer vision, Image processing (with OpenCV - cv2 in Python),

•    Speech recognition (with gTTS, Pyttsx), 

•    Algorithms, Data structures,

•    Search engines & operations (with Elastic-search) & web crawler development,

•    High-performance computing with concurrent/parallel programming,

•    Time series modeling with ML, ARIMA, ARCH, Hidden Markov Models & Kalman filtering,

•    Cybersecurity, Cryptography,

•    Control and planning for robotic, Mechatronics, avionics & aeronautic systems,

•    Neuroscience, Biologically-inspired systems & learning, Biomedical engineering,

•    Real-time microprocessor and DSP-based system design for communication/control and navigation,

•    Sensor networks, Wireless networks,

•    Software and hardware development and programming for real-time system design, 


•    Statistical signal processing, System identification,

•    Circuit design, VLSI-automation,

•    Computational systems & mathematics, computer arithmetic.